We decided to step out of our comfort zone in April 2014. With 5 kids, traveling to a country like Ethiopia had never been in our travel plans until Peter and Shelagh Klein shared their story of Educate Ethiopia. We met the Bishop of Adigrat,  helped with some fundraising events at church but wanted more of a connection. In April 2014 we decided to visit Ethiopia with our eldest daughter Nicole.  

This was a life changing moment in our lives.   

Ten years earlier Peter and Shelagh also had a life changing moment. They traveled to northern Ethiopia and saw the need for funding for schools in the remote villages. They discovered that the Catholic Church was the only entity providing educational assistance and asked the question, "How can we help?”. Together with the Eparchy (Diocese) of Adigrat they formed Educate Ethiopia.

2016 is a new beginning, as Peter and Shelagh have passed the lead onto the Walsh family.  We are now asking "How can we help?". We look forward to continuing Educate Ethiopia and building on the success the first 10 years has brought.

The Walsh Family

Kelly and Ray Walsh

Nicole, Nathan, Jacob, Jordan and Madison